Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The great mirror debacle continues

Who knew that be finding the right mirror would be the hardest part of our entire bathroom reno? It all started with this inspiration picture. I had big dreams of hanging a white, round mirror to balance all the straight lines in the other bathroom fixtures.

But such a mirror was nowhere to be found so we started exploring other options. We checked out all these style, but none were really doing it for us.

We finally found three options worth really considering so we brought them all home to see if any would work. Sadly, none of them fit the bill.

We thought we finally hit the jackpot when we found this beauty at our local Zellers. At $40 it was a steal.

Until it came crashing off the wall in the middle of the night one Friday (read about that mishap here).  We picked up the pieces, exchanged the broken mirror and tried again.

Our mirror made it a whole month before we heard the ominous sounds of something falling off the wall again. This time the problem wasn’t the mirror but the hook we hung it on. The weight of the mirror bent the hook to almost a 90 degree angle. Luckily, the sound of the mirror shifting as the hook bent woke me up before we had a real problem. The mirror only weighs about 10 pounds so we chaulked this one up to a faulty hook.

Determined to make the mirror work, we headed out to find the biggest, strongest picture hanging hook there was. But while we were there we also found another mirror option. 

Yup, you read that right. Now let me explain myself. The yellow mirror looked great at first but the longer I lived with it the less I liked it. It took away from the bright, clean look we were trying to create. So when we found this modern, white mirror on sale for $29 I had to take it home.

We used our super heavy duty hooks and a complicated measuring process to hang this sucker up. There is no way this one is falling off the wall ( I hope, I hope, I hope).

I love how the white frame makes the room even brighter. And the white really does work better with the rest of the bathroom.

So after five, (yup five!) mirror options, we’re one step closer to a finished bathroom exactly where we were last week. But with a more cohesive look that inspired the final finishing touches, which are in the works. Details coming soon!

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