Friday, 19 October 2012

Entryway upgrade: Front door curtains

After taking down the outdated lacy curtain on our front door months ago, I finally got around to replacing it with something more our style.

The old curtain wasn't our cup of tea stylewise, but it also didn't keep people from looking in the window. And it was held in place with a strange arrangement of nails and string.

So down it came.

We planned to replace it with peel and stick frosted glass sheet like this one from Home Depot because we couldn't figure out how to hang a curtain rod without damaging the metal door. Luckily we never got around to applying the frosted sheeting, even though we bought it last year!

Light Effects - Etched Lace 24 In. x 36 In.. - 01-0126 - Home Depot Canada

A few months ago I found the perfect curtain rod for the front door - it's magnetic. No holes in our door. Yippeee.

But without a curtain to hang, the door sat like this for a few more months.

One night I was shopping for fabrics for the baby room when I spotted the perfect material for the hall curtain. The colours work perfectly with our newly painted hall and the pattern isn't too feminine. So I bought a yard for $20 and my sister whipped up a quick flat panel curtain.

I wanted the curtain to be easy to open and close so we could let light in during the day but keep people from seeing in at night. We thought about a roman shade but, honestly, it was too much work. A simple pocket curtain would have worked too but I was worried that all the fabric at the top would make it hard to push the curtain to the side. In the end I bought a pack of curtain rings that let us slide the curtain back and forth easily.

With new paint, storage and shelves, the hallway is slowly coming together. Only a few more minor projects and we'll call the entry complete!


  1. thank you.I am clear now in what I am going to do.

  2. Thanks for posting this, We have the same ugly problem. Now I know what to look for!